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In our premier course, we have gamified learning so you can learn what you need when you need it – with action-packed lessons that equip you with the latest thinking and practical tools. No matter your organization’s size, this course will help you take its story to the next level and break through all the noise. 




  • You or your organization struggles with storytelling and doesn’t know where to start
  • Each staff or board member describes your organization in a different way, which creates confusion in the community
  • You have a complicated story to tell and want to create a unified identity
  • You have a compelling mission and want everyone in the community talking about it
  • You need an engaging and value-added retreat topic for staff or board
  • The Science Behind Storytelling
  • Why Storytelling Is More Than Your Elevator Pitch 
  • Where to Start and the Best Tricks to Utilize 
  • How to Measure Current Efforts 
  • How to Embed Storytelling in Your Organization’s Culture
  • Do’s & Don’ts in Storytelling
  • Examples from the Social Sector
  • Latest Thinking from Experts 
  • Step-by-Step Storytelling & Elevator Pitch Outlines 
  • Measurement Tools 
  • Board & Staff Exercises 

About Course Instructor Suzanne Smith, MBA:


Noticing the power that stories have to connect, motivate and transform, Suzanne’s “aha moment” for this course came to her when she was reading to her nephews. She started her career working in the nonprofit sector for Phoenix House and the American Heart Association, building transformative programs and creating policy change. Now, as Founder & CEO of Social Impact Architects, she is privileged to work alongside hundreds of nonprofits to elevate their story to engage constituents, funders and community members. Suzanne also authors Social TrendSpotter, one of the sector’s top blogs according to The Huffington Post. Known for its relatable way of blending important concepts and storytelling, Social TrendSpotter has been hailed by readers as “the only blog I read each week”. Suzanne holds an MBA from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. A third-generation Texan, Suzanne loves traveling to faraway destinations, teaching the next generation of social entrepreneurs, and uninterrupted time reading and writing.

“This is like nothing I have ever experienced. Not only did I learn techniques and tools used by Fortune 500 companies to tell their stories, but I also left energized and inspired by the course messages and experience. This is a great tool for an individual, but I’m using some of the lessons for my management team and board. Best investment I have made in training in years.”
– CEO, Social Enterprise: Boston, MA

“I love being able to learn as I go – when I have time. I have gone through the course once and now keep going back to dive more deeply into subjects. I have also used the Unique Value Proposition video for a team lunch, and it sparked a lot of good ideas.”
Director of Fundraising, Homeless Shelter: Louisville, KY

“The course instructor, Suzanne Smith, clearly knows the nonprofit sector. It was like a mini-marketing course directed at nonprofits. I love how she breaks down complicated topics into easy-to-understand lessons, with action steps and templates. You can tell she cares – I reached out to her with questions and got an instant reply. Buy this course!”
– Volunteer Manager, Arts Organization: Plano, TX

“Create more courses like this one – I just loved it! I was engaged from start to finish and keep going back for inspiration and a refresher. This course has helped me tell stories better in so many ways – as a nonprofit board member, in my Junior League experience and in my own job.”
– Board Member, Veteran’s Organization: Portland, OR


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